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The Boondall Family Practice is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of continuing care. We accept eftpos, Visa, Master Card and cash. We are not a bulk billing practice.

Our Fees: (as of 1st July 2019)


Our fees are lower than the AMA recommended fees (December 2018)

Level B consultation: AMA recommended fee: $81.00 - Our fee: $73.00

       (Standard - 5 to 20 minutes*)

Level C consultation: AMA recommended fee: $148.00 - Our fee: $135.00

       (Long - 21 to 40 minutes*)

Level D consultation: AMA recommended fee: $225.00 - Our fee: $208.00

       (Prolonged - more than 40 minutes*)


We offer a discount for Pension and healthcare card holders.

*Please note: criteria for the billing is based on more than time alone.



Medicare offer a rebate on all standard General Practitioner items. This is the money that medicare refunds you to diminish your 'out of pocket' cost. Your 'out of pocket' cost is the doctors fee you pay, less the rebate from Medicare. 


Level B consultation: Our fee: $73.00 - Medicare rebate: $38.20 - 'out of pocket' cost = $34.80


Level C consultation: Our fee: $135.00 - Medicare rebate: $73.95 - out of pocket' cost = $61.05


Level D consultation: Our fee: $208.00 - Medicare rebate: $108.85 - out of pocket' cost = $99.15


Have you linked your Medicare rebate to your bank account yet?
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